where have I been?

Robert De Cormier

To be honest, I have to read the newspaper to remember where I’ve been.  My family keeps track of my comings and goings by flipping through the pages of the Burlington Free Press.  The daily chaos and constant shuttle between stories is something I’m used to, but lately my memory has had a hard time keeping up with it all.  So, I present to you, where I have been for the last two months.  My personal goal lately was to work on my portraiture.  Too often with a tight deadline and a busy schedule I default to candid moments.  It’s my happy place – but I’ve been having more fun with deliberate portraiture lately.  My aim was to look for dramatic light and use my flash kits more.  You be the judge.  Enough words.  More pictures.  Go!

Sculptor John Bisbee Shelburne Museum




rosanne greco




UVM Mens Basketball cheerleaders


Jeetan Khadka Nepal Burlington Vermont


Sculptor John Bisbee Shelburne Museum


Federal farm bill Vermont dairy farm


Kit Rivers St. Michael's College actor




Taft School Burlington Vermont


Artist John Douglas Burlington


Christina Schumacher mental health hearing



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