Remembering Portland

The Porthole Portland Maine

Went up to Portland, Maine a couple weekends ago to visit with old friends, check out a show and test out my new camera.  I recently picked up the Nikon D700 and wanted to see how it held up.  Walking the Old Port rich with seaside colors, cobblestone streets and vibrant alleys made for perfect shooting conditions.  And, it was warm with no snow to be found so I could break out the skirts and boots that have been sadly hanging in my closet during what feels like the longest winter that I can remember.

I always have a camera with me, but if I don’t I’ve made a conscious decision to leave it at home and separate myself from it (we have a love-hate relationship sometimes).  I try to give my shoulder a break and just enjoy whatever is happening in that moment.  I’m obsessed with documenting my life though.  If a great weekend passes and I didn’t take a single picture this sadness hits me, much like the bummer mood that strikes on Sunday night when you realize it’s time to get back to work and be productive.  It’s tough to witness a beautiful scene or quirky moment and not take a picture of it.  I try to take a mental picture, but its hard to savor later.  Maybe it’s a fear that my memory will fail me later in life, probably, but I just need to hold onto all these little pieces of life that quickly pass.  My friends and family may expect me to be the “documentarian” of whatever event or weekend we’re sharing together.  Again with my love to share, I really enjoy taking and giving the photos to all these people.  Something for them to keep and remember.  My little stamp on the big time-line.

Here are some of my favorite shots I took as we walked the Old Port of Portland.  Enjoy.

Portland Maine Old Port Alley
My husband, Tom, so kindly modeled for me when we walked through an alley in the Old Port that had the most amazing light. 10 minutes of playing and he was tapped out. Nabbed this frame right before his breaking point.

Old Port Portland Maine
Christi paused to take a photo as I paused to take a photo. Luckily she chose to do so in front of this awesome, bright yellow building near the Porthole Fountain.

Adam Barber with the Cosmik Zombies
Our old friend, Adam Barber, plays bass with Pete Witham and the Cosmik Zombies at Portland Bowl. Great, great show. Beebs showed off his rockabilly talents while the rest of us enjoyed local Peeper beer, a game of bowling and delicious food. My god the food. Portland has some fantastic beer, too. We had a lot of work to do. Managed to fire off a few frames during the show. This was one of my favorites.

Old Port alley in Portland, Maine
Beebs is the ham. He should be my muse because he’s always, whether it’s a conscious decision or not, in some sort of posed position at the ready for my camera. Caught this frame as he was walking through the sliver of light in my new favorite alley. The alley was so great, in fact, that a bride was waiting outside with her wedding photographer in hopes of scoring some moody images. I could’ve stayed and made pictures in this space for much longer, but somehow the beautiful girl in the big white dress wins territorial rights. Off I went…

Porthole Fountain Portland, Maine
Goodbye Portland. I’ll miss you.



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  • daria bishop

    I love the colors, Emily. Congratulations on your new site/blog and new camera too!! Oh, and I love the font you chose for your name. :)

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Daria! Love the font, too. Credit goes to Mark. He came up with it and I dig it. Lobster. Appropriate since it was built in Portland. :)


    like the ally pics! oh what i wouldn’t do for a D700!