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Eat More Kale Montpelier Vermont

Right after wrapping up my Slam All-Star Wrestling package I dove into a new in-depth project that will publish in a couple weeks.  Reporter Candy Page and I have been making frequent trips to Stockbridge to document the extreme damage that the small town suffered during Tropical Storm Irene.  Our follow-up story complete with my photos and video will be the culmination of several months of hard work and long days.  Candy has been digging…and digging.  Watching her work and following up with some of her discoveries has been fantastic.  Every Free Press reporter has their own style and groove, so it’s been fun working with hers.  I’ve never seen someone get so excited about rivers, river management and history but after reading her first drafts I can attest that this package will be a great read.

Sinking into a strong, long-term story is rewarding but it certainly doesn’t mean I haven’t been shooting daily news photos.  I just don’t know that I’m loving my most recent takes.  Here are a few of my latest favorites than ran recently but I wanted to give them a bit more time to simmer.  Worthy?  You be the judge.

Last week I cruised down to Montpelier to meet with organic t-shirt printer Bo Muller-Moore.  Muller-Moore works in a humble, cluttered studio above his garage.  Filled with trinkets, photos, memorabilia, a drum set and a collection of his old shoes and hats (to which he finds sentimental value and cannot throw away) you’ll find Muller-Moore’s studio to be dripping with creativity.  I just wanted to sit down and make something.  He’s a a nice guy and spoke frankly with reporter Dan D’Ambrosio and I.  I can tell his space fuels his inspiration, it seemed like a time capsule of his life.  Seemingly unimportant little treasures were all collected in one space for us to see.  It was nice.

If Bo-Muller’s name doesn’t ring a bell, it will soon.  This small-scale t-shirt printer is currently fighting national fast food chain Chick-Fil-A over a recent trademark dispute.  Muller-Moore is trying to trademark his “Eat More Kale” slogan to protect his business while Chick-Fil-A is issuing a cease-and-desist claiming the slogan conflicts with their “Eat Mor Chikin“.  Choose your side, place your bets.  I’m curious to see if we’ll see a similarity between the Monster beverage vs. Rock Art Brewery dispute.  Either way, get yourself educated by reading up on our stories.

Full story: “‘Eat More Kale’ trademark flap more complex than simple slogan

Full story: “Monster, Rock Art battle over ‘Vermonster’

Essex High School teacher Maria Ung wins award

Essex High School Teacher Maria Ung recently received a $25,000 award for her outstanding work as a high school science teacher and cheer leading coach.  The whole ceremony was a complete surprise to her, and to us, as we had to quickly find her shocked face in the crowd.  Her smile was priceless.

UVM Libraries Vermont

Libraries are filling up and UVM’s Bailey/Howe library is no different.  Despite the popularity of e-readers and online journals, printed volumes are still taking up space in our universities libraries.  Reporter Tim Johnson and I visited UVM’s info hub to tour their off-campus storage spaces.  Do you like the smell of old books?  I do, so this was a treat.  We browsed the shelves for old titles and I spied an old journalism section.  “Modern Journalism” published 1988.  We found old French titles from 1800 bound in beautifully ornate leather.  Nothing is made that way now and I get a little sad thinking we may just be staring at screens to absorb our literature in the future…as I write this blog on a computer. I know.

Full story: “UVM’s Bailey/Howe Library is running out of room


Morrisville Vermont foliage

Ran into these ladies on an early foliage run.  Nothing more than that, I just like a good cow photo.  And, they followed me wherever I went.

Champlain College students

Stopped over at this apartment last week with reporter Joel Banner Baird to discuss the growing student population in the neighborhood, the current dispute between students and local families as loud parties and noise violations have created a rift between the two groups.  I can see this story on both sides.  I think a lot of us can. I know where I rest on the position now and I know where I’d be maybe 5 years ago.  You can probably guess where I stand now if you know where I moved to recently:  next to a corn field and behind a small cattle farm.  One neighbor.

Full story: “Younger and noisier: Burlington’s Hill Section marked by two trends

Free Press All Star Soccer Players

This was a somewhat last minute in-studio shoot I put together when we were juggling a difficult schedule.  So, I prompted these kids to channel their inner Sports Illustrated fierce athlete.  Perfect.  These two owned it.  Burlington’s Claude Mumbere (right) is the Free Press boys soccer player of the year while Colchester’s Lauren Bernard is the girls top player.  They were fun to work with and took everything in stride.

Full story: Claude Mumbere

Full story: Lauren Bernard




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