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Forever Lazy Pajamas

We moved out to the country and somehow we manage to get people to visit us.  It turns out that our house in the farmlands makes a nice respite for our college friends living in the big cities.  A couple of crews from NYC later spent napping with the dogs and relaxing with a hearty, home-cooked spread, we had a fantastic fall.  We even had our first snow, all while enjoying the new comfort of our Forever Lazy full-body pajama suits (pictured above) that a friend surprised us with.  Sure, we looked like some sort of cult but until you know the fleece-lined comfort of a head-to-toe activity-discouraged outfit I beg you to delay judgement.

We wrapped up a busy wedding season by heading to Boston to attend our fifth and final wedding of the year, visited friends up from Tucson at our favorite restaurant and ice cream joint, drove to the South Shore to visit the finest hole-in-the-wall Mexican spot for unbelievable mole enchiladas and then stayed with some of our old college roommates who we’ve missed terribly.  We got nearly everyone in and wrapped up one of the best summers with an equally awesome autumn.  Now, we’re ready to hibernate.

Tunbridge Worlds Fair Vermont

My sister-in-law and niece at the Tunbridge World’s Fair.  Look. at. that. face.

Rescue shelter mutt

My B in the back yard.

Christinas Ice Cream in Boston

Nole.  Quickly added to the list of fantastic little friends of mine.


Pumpkin picking in Monkton, Vermont

My girls and I.  Apple-picking in Monkton during a recent trip up from NYC.

Tunbridge Worlds Fair Vermont

Niece Anna and my sister-in-law, Erin.  Her smile is infectious.

First snow in Starksboro, Vermont

First snow!  It came and went.

Watertown breakfast joint

Roommates.  Tom, Colin and I shared so many unbelievable memories.  Colin married Tom and I in ’09 making an unforgettable day even more memorable.

Friends visit Starksboro, Vermont

Dani upon realizing the predicted snowstorm was not going to cancel her flight.  She had to return to NYC.  Unfortunate.

Pumpkin picking in Monkton, Vermont

Tunbridge Worlds Fair Vermont

Sweet niece, Anna.

Thanksgiving dinner

A pre-Thanksgiving post-dinner.  She fell asleep on the threshold of her bedroom door.  Almost. There.

Bear dog and Dani

Dani and Bear.

El Serape Mexican restaurant

Me. Margarita.  At my favorite hole-in-the-wall Mexican joint on the South Shore.  Cadillac margarita, salt on the rocks.



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