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Vermont author Julia Alvarez

In the past few weeks I’ve scrambled to complete weddings, engagement shoots, book personal appointments, set up meetings with fellow photographers and creatives in the area and start planning projects (more on that later) and I have to think that for some reason I’m preparing to hibernate.  Summer is over and in addition to buttoning up the house for winter I’m setting up for the next season.

In the summer I work for everyone else.  Many of my photos are of other peoples’ celebrations, moments and memories.  I soak up whatever free time is left for very necessary relaxing, without my camera.  I like the kind of relaxing that involves river sitting and waterhole swimming.  But in autumn I hustle and set up collaborative pieces so I can dig into deeper stories by winter.  Some people get cozy and make soup.  I pile on more work and projects to pull me out of the winter doldrums.

The first quarter of this year I didn’t take a single photo nor did I work on a single story.  Felt bizarre, but was a nice cleanse and I returned completely inspired and energized by the crew of the photojournalists I lived with for those 3 months.  See, I was traveling for the company teaching people how to shoot and produce video.  Extremely long days spent teaching and presenting bookended by 6 flights to/from Vermont every weekend.  I lived in a 5-outfit suitcase and 3 oz limits. I now know every airline hub terminal by heart.  I slept in airports and freezing cold cars in parking lots. I caught every cold and flu that circulated the US in early 2013.  When most flights were canceled or delayed I reached a breaking point and rented a car.  Drove north through the night from Newark to Burlington with no map and two dead iPhones only to catch 12 hours of sleep before boarding my next round of flights.  Tom washed the 5-outfit suitcase.  It was nuts, I was a zombie during my 24-hour between-travel weekend.  My husband is a saint for enduring it.  But it was worth it because he and I decided it would pay off somehow.  I wrapped the project with a renewed perspective and I now know exactly what I want to do.  When I got back I continued that work here in Vermont, but when that chapter came to a close this summer I got back to my photo mojo.  I’m making photos everyday in a variety of ways.  Some photos are for the newspaper, but the moments I captured are for me.  Below you’ll see some of my favorites from the last couple months.


(Above: Author Julia Alvarez at home)

Vermont Little League baseball championship

Little League State Championship, Essex, Vermont


Circus Smirkus Vermont

Circus Smirkus, Champlain Valley Expo Center, Essex Junction, Vermont


Milton quarterback Cole Reilly

Milton High School quarterback Cole Reilly


2013 Burlington Discover Jazz Festival

Burlington Discover Jazz Festival, Burlington, Vermont


Artist Jocelyn Woods

Artist Jocelyn Woods suffers from a severe neuromuscular condition leaving her bed ridden for the past 10 years.  See her project at: Ecstasy of a Cripple


UVM Horticultural Farm

UVM Horticulture Research Center, South Burlington, Vermont


Pete's Greens Craftsbury Vermont

Pete’s Greens, Albany, Vermont



King Street Youth Center Burlington VT

King Street Youth Center tennis program, Burlington, Vermont


Korean War veteran George Bates

Korean War veteran George Bates, 82, Rutland, Vermont.  Watch his story HERE.


Vergennes Memorial Day parade

Memorial Day Parade, Vergennes, Vermont


Vermont river quality gage

Laplatte River, Shelburne, Vermont


Thank you.


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