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Canoe trip in the Adirondacks

I take photos for a living.  Nice gig.  But…no, how can there be a but?  I should just end there.  Stop.  I’ve got a great thing going, what could I possibly have a but about?  But, I need more pictures.  I lack control.  I have a hard time putting the camera down and am frequently saying I wish I could shoot with my eyes.  Seeing things unfold as I’m without my camera is small torture.  I love pictures and want to remember as much as possible when I’m old and tired.  I hope to have a great collection of seemingly unimportant fleeting moments in photos.  I just don’t trust my memory.  So, these odd, quirky in-between moments are for me.  None of them really mean anything but all of them are a piece of the timeline zig-zagging through my travels, my work life, my home life and the dull bits tucked in the middle.  These photos were shot with my iPhone whether I pulled over on the side of the road, sat on a bench waiting for a photo subject, stood in line at a coffee shop, during an interview, a vacation, a nap.  The in-betweens that connect the dots between the big things.  Enjoy.

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Ride on the Charlotte Ferry to New York


My dog, Bear


River swim in Vermont


McNeil Plant Burlington, Vermont


Franklin County Field Days


Vermont Highway


Plum Island Beach Massachusetts


Vermont Media Press Conference


St. Albans Moose Lodge Vermont


Vermont Lake Monsters at Centennial Field


My dogs


Canoe trip at White Pine Camp


Easter Sunday blowing bubbles


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  • Anonymous

    I love love love that pic of Kat!