Creep Show

Turkey Vultures in Shelburne, Vermont

Mother Nature put on a creep show today.  What a moody day what with the intense hanging fog, bursts of rain and spectacular lightning display tonight.  I started the day with a leisurely drive down Rt. 7 en route to a story about goats (unrelated) only to discover this pack of turkey vultures perched high atop a tree drying their wings between storms.  Channeling my inner bird lady, I quickly turned my car around and found a place to pull over to shoot.  At first I thought they weren’t real.  I thought the guy, Steve Larrabee, that created the Flying Monkeys of Burlington (locals, you know what I’m talking about) perhaps created vulture statues before his recent passing.  These guys were the real thing and with them came such a creepy, quiet calm.  Not a sound, just the occasional flap of a wing.  What were they waiting for?  Why there?  They’re onto something…

Fog in Charlotte, VermontThe fog creeps.  Charlotte, Vermont.

Lightning strike in Starksboro, Vermont

Down came the rain.  As soon as a thunderstorm starts a small part of me hopes the power will go out, we’ll light the candles and play Old Maid.  That’s how it went when I was a kid.  Tonight we ditched the TV, turned off the lights and watched the storm illuminate the sky.  Simple pleasures.  I sat for well over an hour just watching the lightning and snapping photos.  I’ve never really had the patience to hunt for lightning.  It’s tough.  For the first time in a long time we have a long ranging view out into the fields and countryside.  We can finally see these sweeping lightning storms that we’ve been missing behind other buildings and houses for the past few years.  Click.  Click.  Click.  I didn’t grab many frames I was happy with but this one was a favorite before the storm died down.

Light painting

Once the storm passed I fired off two more frames while spinning my flashlight.  Light painting.  Ended up being a great night spent in the dark. Who knew.

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  • Christine H

    Great stuff, Emily! Love all three pics, but I am especially drawn to the lightning one, nice catch!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks! Professional approval. Alright!

  • Danaherdesigns


    • Anonymous

      Thanks Becky. I’ll take a RAD any day.

  • Daria Bishop

    I’ve been loving your bird photos lately! That one a while back of the ducks flying was awesome…did I tell you?
    Anyway, nice job with the creepy/fun photos and I do love that lightening photo…wow!!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks! Resident bird lady in the making. I’ve never had an interest until they started showing up at my house now that we’re out in the country! Now I’m seeing them everywhere. The vultures were an awesome find. So creepy. Thanks for reading Daria. Right back at you. I’m a Daria’s Day addict.

  • Tim Patterson

    Glad I found your site, those turkey vultures must have been up to something. Thanks for shooting the goats!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Tim! Nice to meet and work with you. I can’t wait to read Melissa’s story. I can only imagine the things she witnessed. See you around.