heat wave in the city

Manhattan NYC Instagram Hipstamatic

  I was in New York last weekend during the heat wave.  100 degrees.  Besides seeing my friends, the only thing I want to do when in New York is walk.  I want to walk everywhere and wander because living up here in the country everything is by car.  Everything is door to door, find […]

video expedition: Asheville

Photojournalist Danese Kenon

I’m the only one left in the terminal right now.  Just me and the guy mopping the floors.  After full-day brainstorming jams with a room of journalists stretching from coast to coast, the quiet is nice.  But, I miss this past week. I’m traveling around the country for the next 3 months developing and teaching […]

the sunrise holds much promise

Carolina Beach North Carolina

Let’s start with the best one and work backward.  Even though I was on vacation, I wasn’t sleeping in much.  The slow mornings started before sunrise with a pot of coffee percolating, each family member stumbling onto the balcony in their pajamas for a sleepy glimpse at sunrise while my dad occasionally worked over the […]

on island time

Plum Island Newburyport Massachusetts

Peaceful, relaxed.  Running away to Plum Island was absolutely necessary after a hectic work and personal schedule.  I stole Tom away for a few days, nabbed some last minutes tickets to an unbelievable tUnE-yArDs show (which I regret I didn’t take any photos of, but I suppose that means we were having too much fun) […]

staycation: VT camping trip

Holga camera at Branbury State Park, VT

Busy summer full of weddings and new home projects gave Tom and I the idea to do a staycation.  It was the perfect way to unwind and relax without the hassle of travel.  We camped out at Branbury State Park in Salisbury, Vermont on Lake Dunmore.  Gorgeous.  Private, quiet and lush, the sites were tucked […]

married: Sam and Luca NYC

NYC Broadway wedding Cunard Building

Lovely Luca.  She and I met back at Boston University and from the start I knew her to be a bright, cheerful and sweet girl.  Luca was always a great compliment to my sarcastic sass-mouth.  She’s a great listener, I’ll always admire her for that.  Though we live apart I still keep in touch with […]

instamatic travels

My dog, Bear

I take photos for a living.  Nice gig.  But…no, how can there be a but?  I should just end there.  Stop.  I’ve got a great thing going, what could I possibly have a but about?  But, I need more pictures.  I lack control.  I have a hard time putting the camera down and am frequently […]

On Island

Plum Island, Massachusetts

Hit the road, hit the beach.  As you can see, Tommy and I have been spending just about every hour outside of work…outside of our house.  Last weekend we cruised down to our family’s cottage on Plum Island for a quick, relaxing beach trip.  Well worth it.  Plum Island is a completely quirky little island […]

Pretty Peaceful Plum Island

Weekend getaway. Yes, please. Last weekend Tom and I broke free from the post-winter doldrums and drove to our family’s beach house on Plum Island. Somehow we managed to plan this on the first warm weekend of the year so we ditched the shoes, packed the sandals and hit the ocean. Well, we looked at […]

Remembering Portland

Went up to Portland, Maine a couple weekends ago to visit with old friends, check out a show and test out my new camera.  I recently picked up the Nikon D700 and wanted to see how it held up.  Walking the Old Port rich with seaside colors, cobblestone streets and vibrant alleys made for perfect […]