pausing for portraits

Charlotte house fire

I’d rather work from the wings than pose you in a photo.  When I’m holding my camera I prefer to be ignored, but then and only then.  I have a greater fear of composing an unfortunate posed portrait than missing a fantastic fleeting moment.  It’s true.  You rarely find me in studio, I’m at my […]

Obama in Vermont

President Obama visits Vermont

The day began with a ham, egg and cheese bagel sandwich and ended with two slices of free pizza in the newsroom.  And, Obama stopped by.  The president visited Burlington, Vt. for just a few hours but in that time he managed to stir up a pack of anxious reporters, photographers and a few thousand […]

Looking back at 2011

Burlington, VT waterfront fog

Members of the Harwood Union High School boys soccer team dig thick, heavy mud from a Waterbury resident’s basement after Tropical Storm Irene on Friday Sept. 2, 2011 while discussing the afternoon’s soccer practice drills. The year in review.  I chose these photos, some of them for their photographic merit, but a lot of them […]

aftermath: Tropical Storm Irene

Tropical Storm Irene hits Vermont

Stockbridge residents hold a select board meeting at a local diner after losing their town offices to Tropical Storm Irene to discuss their options and ability to acquire federal assistance on Thursday Oct. 6, 2011. Unbelievable and unexpected devastation swept through Vermont when Tropical Storm Irene arrived on Aug. 28, 2011.  We all prepared for […]

recently, randomly

Free Press All Star Soccer Players

Right after wrapping up my Slam All-Star Wrestling package I dove into a new in-depth project that will publish in a couple weeks.  Reporter Candy Page and I have been making frequent trips to Stockbridge to document the extreme damage that the small town suffered during Tropical Storm Irene.  Our follow-up story complete with my […]

award news!

Military funeral for US soldier killed in Afghanistan

Good news from the journalism community.  I was recently honored for this photo of a classmate lamenting the loss of Marine Lance Cpl. Anthony Rosa, 20, of Swanton, Vt.  The New England Associated Press News Executives Assoc. (NEAPNEA) awarded me 1st place in the top class for General News Photography.  I was surprised to receive […]

inside the ring

Slam-All Star Wrestling Vermont

I’ll be honest, I did not come up with the idea for this project. My husband, Tom, did. During a company-wide furlough period from work I had a full week of free time where I am forced to unplug, disconnect and unwind. No word from the office, no late night calls, no emergency requests. I […]

Hurricane Irene hits Vermont

Hurricane Irene hits Pittsfield, Vermont

I’m at a loss.  My idea was to write about the things I saw and the conversations I shared with victims of Tropical Storm Irene but after three weeks and countless hours spent on the road traveling across Vermont I’m going to let the photos do the talking.  I thought it would be easier to […]

instamatic travels

My dog, Bear

I take photos for a living.  Nice gig.  But…no, how can there be a but?  I should just end there.  Stop.  I’ve got a great thing going, what could I possibly have a but about?  But, I need more pictures.  I lack control.  I have a hard time putting the camera down and am frequently […]

Photo flashback: Who What Now?

A large fog bank swept over Burlington.  My boss, photo editor Ryan Mercer, called me early in the morning to let me know what he could see, or rather couldn’t see, on the lake.  Odd weather can make for interesting photos.  Standalone opportunity.  We’ve had a wild run with weather this year.  Turbulent rain storms, […]