Farewell Freep!

Austin Danforth Burlington Free Press

I think I’ve written this a thousand times in my head but never put it to paper. So many photojournalists have written about their departure from newspapers and have written more eloquently than I’m able to muster. To be honest, I’m leaving for many of those same reasons, but the way I got to this […]

The Edward R. Murrow Award

Marathon curbside cheer party

Today was a great day. Well, actually, Friday was pretty fantastic. My editor called me in a panic asking where I was and to call the Executive Editor immediately. Where’s the fire [literally]? My editor’s panic was actually excitement: I had won the 2014 regional Edward R. Murrow Award for Overall Excellence. The weekend went […]

where have I been?

Robert De Cormier

To be honest, I have to read the newspaper to remember where I’ve been.  My family keeps track of my comings and goings by flipping through the pages of the Burlington Free Press.  The daily chaos and constant shuttle between stories is something I’m used to, but lately my memory has had a hard time […]

The Visual Year

Vermont author Julia Alvarez

It’s been quite a year.  Spent the first quarter traveling the country non-stop for an intensive video teaching series that I developed alongside fellow photojournalists from various Gannett newsrooms.  Really long days and nights turned into blissfully exhausting and productive weeks on the road airport and away from home.  I promised myself all of that […]

lost and found

Vermont Little League baseball championship

In the past few weeks I’ve scrambled to complete weddings, engagement shoots, book personal appointments, set up meetings with fellow photographers and creatives in the area and start planning projects (more on that later) and I have to think that for some reason I’m preparing to hibernate.  Summer is over and in addition to buttoning […]

video expedition: Asheville

Photojournalist Danese Kenon

I’m the only one left in the terminal right now.  Just me and the guy mopping the floors.  After full-day brainstorming jams with a room of journalists stretching from coast to coast, the quiet is nice.  But, I miss this past week. I’m traveling around the country for the next 3 months developing and teaching […]

clear eyes, full hearts…

Essex High School football practice

…can’t lose.  I couldn’t help it. But, truly, I do love the energy on a football field.  These kids are intense, they’re out there to work, to achieve, to grow.  They’re fierce and they want to look good for the camera.  The coaches and I laugh as suddenly the form is tighter, the knees are […]

photo by photo, retracing my steps

Spiny softshell turtle in Vermont

If you ask me what I’ve been up to lately my mind goes blank.  I desperately grasp for a fresh, compelling story about a recent encounter I’ve had during my photo travels, but I often can’t recall one week from the next.  I’m too young for this, but my excuse?  I’m everywhere.  So, as my […]

pausing for portraits

Charlotte house fire

I’d rather work from the wings than pose you in a photo.  When I’m holding my camera I prefer to be ignored, but then and only then.  I have a greater fear of composing an unfortunate posed portrait than missing a fantastic fleeting moment.  It’s true.  You rarely find me in studio, I’m at my […]

Obama in Vermont

President Obama visits Vermont

The day began with a ham, egg and cheese bagel sandwich and ended with two slices of free pizza in the newsroom.  And, Obama stopped by.  The president visited Burlington, Vt. for just a few hours but in that time he managed to stir up a pack of anxious reporters, photographers and a few thousand […]