five years

Brighton State Park Vermont camping

I love this man. I’d say it’s as simple as that – but it’s not. Five years of marriage is a sweet reward after 13 years of being together, growing and adapting as a couple. We’re just a couple of kids, but we’ve spent nearly half our lives together. Wild. He puts up with my […]

Farewell Freep!

Austin Danforth Burlington Free Press

I think I’ve written this a thousand times in my head but never put it to paper. So many photojournalists have written about their departure from newspapers and have written more eloquently than I’m able to muster. To be honest, I’m leaving for many of those same reasons, but the way I got to this […]

The Visual Year

Vermont author Julia Alvarez

It’s been quite a year.  Spent the first quarter traveling the country non-stop for an intensive video teaching series that I developed alongside fellow photojournalists from various Gannett newsrooms.  Really long days and nights turned into blissfully exhausting and productive weeks on the road airport and away from home.  I promised myself all of that […]

The Last Day

Audubon Nature Center Huntington Vermont

Yesterday I was asked “Are you a dirty thirty or a flirty thirty?” while I was cutting a beautiful Mirabelle’s cake given to me by my newsroom colleagues at the Burlington Free Press.  I paused because I realized I didn’t have a big blowout birthday party, I wasn’t splashing martinis Manhattans late night and I didn’t […]

starksboro snow day

Starksboro Vermont snow

Beautiful day.  Absolutely beautiful.  I guess this isn’t a real snow day because I’m going into work later, but for now I’m on my time and playing outside with the dogs is priority one.  Also, I realized as I was putting Christmas gifts together I couldn’t fulfill most of the “just frame one of your […]

staycation: VT camping trip

Holga camera at Branbury State Park, VT

Busy summer full of weddings and new home projects gave Tom and I the idea to do a staycation.  It was the perfect way to unwind and relax without the hassle of travel.  We camped out at Branbury State Park in Salisbury, Vermont on Lake Dunmore.  Gorgeous.  Private, quiet and lush, the sites were tucked […]

instamatic travels

My dog, Bear

I take photos for a living.  Nice gig.  But…no, how can there be a but?  I should just end there.  Stop.  I’ve got a great thing going, what could I possibly have a but about?  But, I need more pictures.  I lack control.  I have a hard time putting the camera down and am frequently […]