married: Elsie and Oliver at Kingsland Bay State Park

Kingsland Bay State Park Vermont wedding

I kicked off wedding season with a true highlight: Elsie and Oliver’s wedding at Kingsland Bay State Park! The three of us have several ties and I was honored to get the call to be their for them on their wedding day. Oliver is a phenomenal photographer and Elsie runs her wonderful family-owned newspaper company […]

married: Basin Harbor Club wedding

Basin Harbor Club Wedding

I couldn’t have ended my 2013 wedding season on a better weekend than at Chris and Katie’s wedding.  See, Katie and I go way back.  Once upon a time, Katie introduced me to her best friend, Tom, back in our high school days.  We didn’t go to the same high school but every once in […]

heat wave in the city

Manhattan NYC Instagram Hipstamatic

  I was in New York last weekend during the heat wave.  100 degrees.  Besides seeing my friends, the only thing I want to do when in New York is walk.  I want to walk everywhere and wander because living up here in the country everything is by car.  Everything is door to door, find […]

married: Jess and Mark’s Portland, Maine wedding

First Parish Church Portland, Maine wedding

I left my Green Mountains for the coast of Portland, Maine this weekend to photograph a dear old friend’s wedding.  Mark and I worked together at the Burlington Free Press and when he designed my beautiful photography website a few years ago it was decided that WHEN, not if, but when the day came that […]

slipping into summer

Snake Mountain Addison Vermont

Homebodies.  Tom and I left our city life behind several years ago to wave the white flag and retreat to Vermont.  At the time, going back home was a needed relief but left me longing to do my own thing, away, apart from where I was raised.  I spent 7 years in Boston, living on […]

playing host and playing

Tunbridge Worlds Fair Vermont

We moved out to the country and somehow we manage to get people to visit us.  It turns out that our house in the farmlands makes a nice respite for our college friends living in the big cities.  A couple of crews from NYC later spent napping with the dogs and relaxing with a hearty, […]

married: Sam and Luca NYC

NYC Broadway wedding Cunard Building

Lovely Luca.  She and I met back at Boston University and from the start I knew her to be a bright, cheerful and sweet girl.  Luca was always a great compliment to my sarcastic sass-mouth.  She’s a great listener, I’ll always admire her for that.  Though we live apart I still keep in touch with […]

instamatic travels

My dog, Bear

I take photos for a living.  Nice gig.  But…no, how can there be a but?  I should just end there.  Stop.  I’ve got a great thing going, what could I possibly have a but about?  But, I need more pictures.  I lack control.  I have a hard time putting the camera down and am frequently […]

First of Many

Bonfires.  This is my happy place.  Sitting fireside at our new home with a bag of marshmallows, whittling sticks we’ve collected for s’mores just passing the time with my husband and two of my college roommates.  Perfect way to unwind after a completely lazy day spent lounging in spring’s first warmth.  Nothing better.  It’s so […]

Remembering Portland

Went up to Portland, Maine a couple weekends ago to visit with old friends, check out a show and test out my new camera.  I recently picked up the Nikon D700 and wanted to see how it held up.  Walking the Old Port rich with seaside colors, cobblestone streets and vibrant alleys made for perfect […]