birthday boy

Tommy's birthday weekend

Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband, Tom. We celebrated right. By the creek. All day. All weekend. An absolutely fabulous weekend of sun and relaxation with the pups only to be interrupted by a delicious dinner at our favorite spot, Bobcat Cafe in Bristol.  In between bites of cake Tom and I hopped down to a beautiful and quiet spot on Lewis Creek.  We let the dogs loose, lathered on the sunscreen and plopped our chairs in the water to get to work on doing nothing.  I love my Tom and there’s no better way to spend time with him.  We sat soaking in the bubbling pools of the creek while the dogs chased birds and bugs through tall grasses.  Heaven.  We’ve had quite a year, Tom and I.  Celebrated our first wedding anniversary by signing the contract for our new home out in the farmlands of Starksboro.  We adopted a new puppy, Moose, who unfortunately wasn’t photographed too much due to his timidness with water…still.  With the happy chaos this past year brought we decided to forgo birthday presents.  Bummer?  No, just means I need to be more creative.  No money spent, but time?  I’ve got some time so I put together a quick video using my 8mm app that I shot as Tom napped by the creek on his special day.  But, it’s not here.  In these days of internet over-sharing Tommy wanted to keep this gift for himself.  It’s amazing he allows me to put him on this site at all.  I know, no fun, right?  But understandable.  I’m such a tease.

Tommy's birthday cake

Tommy’s birthday started with a party at our friend Morgan and Andy’s house.  Dinner, a bonfire and Morgan’s famous peanut butter chocolate frosted cake made for a fantastic Friday night.  These two are phenomenal friends and they, too, have had quite a wild year.  Cake makes Tom giddy.  Cake.  Cake.  Cake.

Bear swims in Lewis Creek

Our Bear.  This guy loves to swim, but it wasn’t always that way.  He used to stumble into the lake only to keep up with us, never wanting to be separated.  Now he dives, fetches, goes underwater and cruises along like the best of them.  Greatest dog ever.  Ever.

Tommy at Lewis Creek

Alright, enough Emily.  He’s my poor subject most days.  Doesn’t matter how handsome I tell him he looks…it always ends with this face.

Bears shakes in Lewis Creek

Moose on Lewis Creek

Our Moose man on the loose.  He’s still figuring all this nonsense out.  Just a little guy.

Love you, Tommy.  No better gift than to celebrate your birthday alongside you.  Let’s do this again next weekend.  Every weekend.

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  • @TheFullMontyVT

    Love this post. :-)

  • Khaddock624

    This is great! you two are wonderful!