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Military funeral for US soldier killed in Afghanistan

Good news from the journalism community.  I was recently honored for this photo of a classmate lamenting the loss of Marine Lance Cpl. Anthony Rosa, 20, of Swanton, Vt.  The New England Associated Press News Executives Assoc. (NEAPNEA) awarded me 1st place in the top class for General News Photography.  I was surprised to receive this award as I’m competing against an incredibly talented pool of photographers here in the northeast, including my fellow Free Press staffers.  Photo editor Ryan Mercer who took home the top photo story award for his coverage during a month-long embed with the Vermont National Guard in Afghanistan.  We’re a small staff, but an unbelievably talented one.  Congrats guys.

For a complete list of those awarded click here.

Huntington Gorge rescue in Vermont

Shortly after learning of the NEAPNEA award, I was congratulated by executive editor Mike Townsend for taking home another top honor but this time for the Gannett Awards of Excellence for my breaking news photograph of a Huntington Gorge rescue operation.  I was surprised and extremely happy to hear this!

Judges said: “Photographer Emily McManamy hustled in a breaking news situation to capture an intense moment where a swimmer, caught in the swirling waters of Huntington Gorge, fought for his life as a rescuer prepared to lift him to safety. McManamy effectively captured the emotions and peril of the situation and editors did the right thing: They played great art in an equally great manner on Page One.”

That day was an incredible one.  I hustled up a slight mountain road amidst rescue personnel to get to the scene of a young man who became trapped in turbulent water at a notoriously deadly gorge.  Upon arrival I hiked down to the best vantage point I could find.  My hands were shaking as I focused in on this scene.  I thought I was going to witness this man’s final moments but not knowing how this would end, I kept shooting.  Fortunately the Colchester Technical Rescue squad responded to this scene and negotiated a way to rescue the swimmer in peril.  To read more about this, read my previous blog post here.

I thank my editors for playing this BIG on page one prompting public discussion, comments and the most feedback I have ever received for a single photo.  We were all holding our breath that day but this story did have a happy ending.  He’s a lucky one, a very lucky one.

For a complete list of winners click here.


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    • Anonymous

      Thank you thank you!  Very kind.

  • Kathleen

    Um, yeah….you rock. Solid. :) Very cool Emily!!!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Kaht!  Super sweet.

  • Ryan Mercer

    No matter what, you keep shooting. That’s the job, and a great job you did Emily.