video expedition: Asheville

Photojournalist Danese Kenon

I’m the only one left in the terminal right now.  Just me and the guy mopping the floors.  After full-day brainstorming jams with a room of journalists stretching from coast to coast, the quiet is nice.  But, I miss this past week.

I’m traveling around the country for the next 3 months developing and teaching a video training curriculum for Gannett’s newsrooms.  This was week one: Asheville, N.C.  From the board room to the fire pit, this small crew of photojournalists worked hard and played hard.  There are few situations in life that I prefer over sitting around a fire with a group of amped up newspaper folk – we do have the best stories and we know how to tell them.  By the end of the week, the training room was wallpapered in our ideas.  But, enough words, more pictures, and sleep as this weary traveler finds a nook to nap in.

Slingshot shooter outside Asheville, North Carolina

Major highlight.  Going out on assignment with local guys from the Asheville Citizen-Times.  They were working on a story about a slingshot artisan.  Truly impressive guy.  Not only did I get to shoot a little video and teach a bit of video, I got to take aim and fire one of those slingshots at a busted up Pabst Blue Ribbon can near a pond when a Blue Heron flew by.  Nestled into the mountains and hillsides of Asheville, I’ll take it.  Not bad at all.

Aloft Hotel in downtown Asheville, North Carolina

TV reporter Beau Zimmer from Tampa and his tales

Downtown Asheville, North Carolina

These ladies greeted me every morning on my walk to the newsroom

Basillica in Asheville, North Carolina

I barged into the Basilica

iPhone FaceTime with my dog

When on the road…

Asheville Citizen-Times newspaper North Carolina

Andrea from the Des Moines Register works her iPhone video rig while Asheville Citizen-Times journalists practice what we preach.

Video journalist Brian Kaufman

Video journalist Brian Kaufman from the Detroit Free Press

Curate Restaurant Asheville, North Carolina

Good night, Asheville.  The publisher took us all out to a fantastic dinner at the James Beard renowned restaurant, Curate, complete with a passing of the traditional Spanish perron.  It was a rite of passage last night, that we all paid for the next day.

Sunset over Charlotte, North Carolina

Off to Indianapolis…

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