emily mcmanamy photographer

Awards & honors

  • 2014 Edward R. Murrow Award
  • 2014 NPPA Best of Photojournalism: In-Depth Video finalist
  • 2013 Gannett Award of Excellence: Photojournalism
  • 2013 Gannett Award of Excellence: Video Journalism
  • 2013 VPA Best Special Coverage: Tropical Storm Irene
  • 2013 VPA Best Sports Photo
  • 2012 SPJ Sigma Delta Chi Award
  • 2012 APME Digital Storytelling/Reporting
  • 2011 NEAPNEA Best General News Photo "Grief of War"
  • 2011 Gannett Awards of Excellence "Gorge Rescue"
  • 2011 2nd Place VPA General News
  • 2010 NEAPNEA Best Video "White Nose Syndromeā€¯
  • 2008 Best of Gannett: Oxycontin addiction in Franklin County
  • 2010 VPA Best Feature Photo
  • 2009 VPA Best Feature Photo
  • 2008 VPA Best Local Story
  • NPPA Monthly Clip Contests
  • 2005 Nikon Best of College Photography Finalist


Photographer bios seem to start with a profound relationship to a camera. Let’s go! My first camera was a pink Minnie Mouse 110-film camera with an 8-pack flash bulb. I once took a blurry photo of a waterfall at one of the Disney theme parks in Orlando. I framed it and gave it to my dad for Christmas.

I didn’t find my love for photography until I started photographing people. When friends ask me for a pretty scenic or sunset photo, there is always and always will be a person in them. While everyone else waits for the crowd to clear, I wait for someone to step in front of the lens.

Storytelling is at the heart of what I do. My life wouldn’t feel complete or fulfilled if I wasn’t a witness to other people’s lives. I am humbled by the situations I photograph, the people I encounter and the stories they share. By carrying my camera I am invited to a more intimate view of the world we live in.

My first job: newspaper delivery kid. Once I hung up my newspaper bundle bag I started learning how to write. My next stop: journalism school. I studied photojournalism at Boston University’s College of Communication where I was honored as an emerging photographer in Nikon’s Best of College Photography contest in 2005. Upon returning to Burlington I worked at Vermont’s largest daily newspaper, the Burlington Free Press, earning several accolades including the Edward R. Murrow award for my video storytelling.

Now at SunCommon, I am the Storyteller and Media Maven documenting the lives and communities on the forefront of expanding solar and renewable technologies. Additionally, I shoot and produce documentary projects and video awareness campaigns for a number of Vermont’s non-profits and social service agencies. Get in touch!